Ever wondered what it is like to swim underwater and explore the underwater world? Have you ever thought about learning to dive but were unsure how or where to start? Now is your chance to take that first step by signing up for a BSAC Try Dive with Southsea Sub-aqua Club.  See the details of the next try dive session below.
A Try Dive is a Club event welcoming non-divers to Scuba Diving. For just £25, non-divers can take part in an introductory underwater experience in the safety of a swimming pool.
Almost anyone, from the age of 12 can learn to dive and to help them get started, participants of a Try Dive will be offered a session with a qualified BSAC instructor or experienced diver. 
The session includes a pool-side briefing on diving skills and equipment, followed by scuba diving in the pool. Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
For information and to register for this unique opportunity call Iain on 07957 585698, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Scuba Diving
‘Try Dive’ Experience
Saturday 6th April 2019

Discover the unique freedom of the underwater world!

Visit Southsea Sub-Aqua Club to arrange a ‘Try  Dive’  experience session.

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Contact Iain: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or call 07957 585698

Fort Widley, Portsdown Hill Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3LS


On February 9th 2019, Southsea ran a Try dive at Gosport Leisure Centre. With 1 to 1 instruction, the 8 potential divers were given an hour’s experience in the water.

The event is aimed at giving people the experience of diving in a safe controlled environment. The Gosport pool provided just that, they were very helpful in accommodating a large amount of equipment that goes with 8 try divers, 2 club divers, 10 instructors, 2 rescue swimmers and an underwater photography team! Plus supporters who are able to watch from poolside.

The try divers were each given their own instructor who explained the basic workings of the equipment, before taking them underwater for the first time. Whilst it is not meant to be a lesson, the try divers got to experience the buoyancy effect of just the simple act of breathing. Hoops were weighted down to challenge the budding divers to manoeuvre through and to add something different; they got to play with an underwater Frisbee.

The try divers all managed to have a good session in the pool and were presented with their certificates by Try Dive organiser Iain Jones. Many are already talking about doing further training; we wish them success and will happily give advice and support to them.

Congratulations to: Hannah, Martyn, Bjorn, Steve, Richard, Kath, Clive, Carrie.

Try dives cost £25. Equipment is provided by Southsea Sub Aqua Club. Gift vouchers are available.

For more information, please see our page on Try Dives.

Southsea Sub Aqua club, BSAC club No 9, “the club that found the Mary Rose”, is based at Fort Widley overlooking Portsmouth, meeting twice a week from 19:30 to 23:00 on a Monday and Thursday.

Members from SSAC visited the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit (HMU) at St Richard's Hospital, Chichester on 16 April 2014. Dr Mark Glover and Nurse Sara Hasan hosted the visit with a presentation on the causes and treatments of DCI followed by a tour around the chamber which included details of the operation of the chamber.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the delivery of oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure and is used to treat decompression illness but the HMU is also used to help people with a range of conditions ranging from carbon monoxide poisoning to thermal burns.

The Type A recompression chamber has been modified with an arched doorway into the main chamber to make access easier for patients.  There are two compartments – the 19m³ main chamber where patients are treated and a 7m³ 'man lock' to enable staff to move in and out without decompressing the main chamber part way through a treatment.  It can accommodate either two lying down, for divers suffering from a DCI, or up to five people sitting for patients needing recompression treatment for other injuries.  Its maximum pressure setting is 8.5 bar – equivalent to a depth of 85 metres at sea although recompression treatment for DCI usually starts at an equivalent depth of 18m.  

 Chamber inside_1    Chamber inside_1Chamber controls_1Chamber controls_1

The visit was very worthwhile and divers left confident of what would happen in the event of a DCI incident, with a greater understanding of DCI.  It was stressed that divers must seek early advice in the event of suspected DCI and particularly listen to their partners who may well be more aware that something is not quite right following a dive. 

Chamber visitors_1Chamber visitors_1

Those visiting the chamber found it both an interesting and enjoyable evening.  If you have never visited a chamber before it is recommended to visit one whenever an opportunity arises.











Please click the poster above if you are interested in signing up to the course.

3 April 2012

This month has been very busy with lots of training taking place in preparation for the 2012 summer dive season. Courses have been run every weekend this month covering oxygen administration for divers, compressor operation and gas blending skill development courses in addition to the normal pool training sessions.

The main focus was to give SSAC members training in compressor operation and supplementary bespoke training on the new air, nitrox and mixed gas (trimix) facilities which have been installed/updated in recent months. Thanks to all the instructors who gave up their weekends and in particular to Marg Baldwin and Jim Mills from the Midlands Instructor Team for running the gas blending course.

Trimix Training

21 March 2013

It's spring 2013 and SSAC's clubhouse is hosting first aid training for divers. On Thursday, there is a practical rescue and first aid refresher for club members with a talk by a British Heart Foundation instructor. On Monday a rescue skills refresher takes place in the club training pool.

Saturday sees the Oxygen Administration course for the Southern Region. After a day packed with essential theory and hands-on practical sessions, eleven divers successfully demonstrated the skills required and are now able to administer oxygen to divers suffering from decompression illness (DCI). A team of SSAC instructors comprised of Dave Purvis, Dave Sawdon, Jenny and Rob Watkins were joined by BSAC Southern Region Coach Clive Puddifoot to deliver the course to students from across the Southern Region and beyond.

Well done to all those who passed the course!