Clubhouse and Boat House

SSAC has a clubhouse at The Tudor Sailing Club which boasts a well-stocked, licensed bar and facilities to hold both lectures and social events such as parties. Whilst light snacks are normally available, for any all-day courses, we can arrange for catering services to be provided for larger functions. In addition to the club's RHIB (see below), the compressor building located at the Hilsea Lido has gas filling facilities for air, Nitrox and Trimix.

Club's compressors & charging panelSSAC owns two compressors – an Alkin air compressor and a Coltrisub Nitrox (membrane) compressor. Subject to the appropriate training and qualifications, members can gain access to the compressors 24/7 to fill their diving cylinders. The air compressor system is capable of filling to a pressure of 300 bar.

The Coltrisub Nitrox compressor was purchased with the help of a grant from Sports for All. The grant was around £5,000. The advantage of such a compressor means that club members can fill their own cylinders with Nitrox (up to about 40%) without blending. A Nitrox bank has recently been installed which will give members instant access to a cascading system of banked 32% Nitrox.

Many of the local dive sites are in the 25-35m range so it makes great sense to dive with this gas instead of air. We have the facilities to blend when richer Nitrox mixes or Trimix is required for those club members who have competed the Mixed-gas blender course.

As a benefit for members, compressed air is free and Nitrox from the Nitrox compressor is charged based on how long you use the compressor.


Southsea Explorer (May 2019)For a few years now, SSAC has owned a 6.3m Humber Ocean Pro RHIB. Since it was first obtained it has more or less been rebuilt and improved by skilled members. The RHIB, with its 175hp Evinrude G2 engine, takes up to 8 divers with comfort and also has a greater range and fuel economy than its predecessor. The Humber RHIB and twin axle trailer will allow more club members to take advantage of some great local dive sites and also those further afield. The RHIB has been outfitted with a new console, Raymarine electronics (twin GPS and multiple echo sounders, SideVision side-scan sonar & DownVision sonar), diver-friendly bottle racks, a large under-floor fuel tank and much more. A comprehensive improvement and maintenance programme continues.

Booster Pump–Great for 'Techie' Divers!

Booster pumpSouthsea Sub-Aqua Club also has an electric Gas Booster Pump to add to the gas blending facilities on offer to members. The Stanstead booster pump allows diving cylinders to be fully charged up to 232 bar when decanting from the club’s bank of O2 and Helium J bottles. This is great news for technical open circuit and rebreather divers who can find it difficult to get their cylinders filled with high % O2 even at some dive shops/operators. It also means that the maximum amount of gas in the J cylinders can be utilised cutting down on waste thereby reducing costs.

Gas is charged to members at approx cost price. SSAC members who have completed a gas blending course can use the mixed gas facilities and the O2 clean blending whip. Full training on the system is available for SSAC members.

For more information about SSAC’s facilities contact our club's Diving Officer by emailing: do @ .