Each year the club's Diving Officer invites members to help arrange the diving calendar for the upcoming year. From there a plan is formulated for some club dives and training courses. There are also some non-club events included which may be relevant to club members, such as dive shows and NAS dives and courses.

The calendar below lists many of the club's planned dives and events. We've chosen not to post all our club meetings as these are held every week. We meet at Tudor Sailing Club every Thursday between 7.30pm and 11pm, except for Bank Holidays and a few days around Christmas and the New Year.

Click here for more details of where & when we meet

The organised events have been added to the calendar. Club members should feel welcome to browse through the calendar to see what is on offer. It is possible to add these events to your own Google Calendar. If you have another electronic calendar, it may be possible to link the events to yours.

Events listed in the calendar are subject to change. Any changes will be notified in the normal manner through club notices.