A Dive Leader is defined as a diver who:

  • Can plan and lead a range of dives including those requiring detailed dive, air and decompression requirements planning
  • Has the skill and level of knowledge to progressively extend his/her skills to take part in a wide range of adventurous dives
  • Has rescue management skills
  • Is competent to manage and supervise branch dives to locations well known to the branch, or using experienced skippers, or in conditions not normally described as 'challenging'
  • Can dive to depths, which can be further extended from those experienced earlier in diver training. All diving to be conducted within safe diving practices
  • Can conduct dives with divers of any grade, to expand their experience beyond that previously encountered by those divers, under the supervision of a Dive Manager
  • Can conduct experience building dives with trainee Ocean Divers, within the restrictions of the conditions already encountered by the trainee Ocean Diver, and under the supervision of a Dive Manager


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