HMS A1 Conning Tower
HMS A1 Conning Tower

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Diving Activities
Poor weather in April, May and June limited access to the site. The preferred window for diving is on a neap tide and on the flood. The unusual currents in the area mean that we have to look for a High Water neap and plan dives for 2.5 hours before HW(Portsmouth) These unique requirements limit the opportunities that are available to dive the site, especially at weekends. In Bracklesham Bay, where the wreck lays, the sea bed is mainly silt/clay and this has gradually built up inside the wreck since the hatches have been removed. Diving on the ebb tide has the added difficulty that weed and debris from Chichester harbour is in suspension around the wreck or passing by in the current making visibility even worse.

There were 2 NAS days comprising a brief at NAS (Fort Cumberland), a dive on A1 followed afterwards by a visit to Submarine Museum at Gosport. These Heritage dive days were very successful. There was a lot of interest and positive feedback from the event. Initially, 1 Charter Boat booking with Wight Diver but an additional day added to meet demand.

The other dives were completed using Southsea Sub-Aqua Club’s (SSAC) RIB and an SSAC charter booking with Wight Diver.

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