Extract from report:

For 95 years A1 has been resting in the murky waters of the Solent and has been subjected to strong tides that flow around that area. Despite this the wreck today is in remarkable condition when you compare it to other submarines in the area. It is intact and upright on the bottom in 14 metres of water. It actually still looks like a submarine. The pressure hull being the strongest part of the vessel is complete, however the outer casing has long gone and no longer visible, and this would have formed a walk way along the length of the submarine also shielding some mechanical drive gear such as the front opening torpedo hatch drive shaft, see photograph 2. The wreck appears to be laying roughly North South and its bow slightly proud of the seabed, whilst the stern has slowly sunk into the mud of the seabed. A scour is present around the bow area and has become a collection point for empty shell fish cases.

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