The course costs comprise of the following elements and will vary over time. For a better understanding of the current estimated costs, please speak with one of our instructors:

  1. AD Student Pack (available either as an electronic pack (e-Pack) or as a hard copy
  2. Open water dives
    1. Transport to/from the dive site
    2. Entry to the dive site or Cost of diving from a dive boata
  3. Instructor “out of pocket” costs
    1. Transport to/from the dive site
    2. Entry to the dive site or Cost of diving from a dive boat

At the time of writing (February 2022), the student pack is £32.50 plus postage. There may be a different price for those transferring from another agency. For the current prices for the AD pack, please check with the Training Officer.

By way of an example, at the time of writing (February 2022), the entry fee to Vobster Quay, an inland dive site we often use, is £23 for non-members and £17 for members. Vobster Quay is around 85 miles and about a 2 hour trip from the Clubhouse. Diving from the Club’s RIB in the Selsey area would be about £20-£30 per dive. Selsey’s public slipway is 22 miles or 30 minutes from the clubhouse. There is a daily parking charge of £1.70 (East Beach, Selsey - correct as of February 2022).

For the deeper dives, which will often be further out to sea, the costs for the day will be a little more. For example, a space on a hard boat may be £50 or more.

Depending on the weather, Instructor availability and how well someone does, the open water dives could be completed over four days, with the depth progression dives completed over a period of three different days due to their depth and the decompression requirements.

Dependent upon the diving conditions, the lessons may be taught with one or two candidates. For safety, it would be anticipated that one-to-one would be more likely, with some cases of two-to-one.


If you would like to speak to our Training Officer about starting this course, please speak to them on a club night or send them an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can read more about this course on the BSAC Website.


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