Extract from Martin Davies' report:


The site was first dived on the 20th of May this year with a group from Milton Keynes. Visibility on the site was less than 2metres and some divers had difficulty in finding the site despite the shot line being near to the wreck.

The second dive was on the 15th July, by myself and a club member from Southsea Sub-Aqua club. Visibility was around 2m on this occasion.

The third dive was on the 16th July, the site was dived by a group of divers from the London area who also visited the Hazardous site afterwards, visibility was reported as less than 2m.

On the 17th July, a group from Tal Scuba visited the site on a NAS protected wreck day, as was the Invincible later in the afternoon. Visibility was again around 2m on A1 and less on Invincible.

The final dive took place on the 27th October, which was another NAS protected wreck day that had been rescheduled due to previous bad weather. Visibility was poor around 1-2m

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