Divers ready to enter the water    ©Robyn Peel 2017
Divers ready to enter the water ©Robyn Peel 2017


All club diving and training activities are conducted under (BSAC) guidelines. These guidelines are published on the BSAC website, where you can find the latest copy.

Safe Diving guide

Our Diving Officer is responsible for all diving organised by the club. We participate in all types of diving and organise dives to suit a wide variety of interests – technical, recreational, training, conservation/special projects, marine life, photography etc. We organise local/south coast, UK and overseas trips throughout the year. Dives can be arranged by any club member and, once approved by the Diving Officer, are placed on the club notice board. The best way to get involve d in dives is to keep an eye on the diving notice board for details of all forthcoming dives. Many are arranged before the season starts but some may be at quite short notice whilst waiting for weather reports, often on a Thursday night for the weekend. Please feel free to discuss with the Diving Officer any diving activities that you would wish to do within the club.

BSAC Article on the Diving Officer's role

Club Year Planner and Calendar 

The Club encourages all diving members to instigate and arrange dives. As long as relevant qualified members are recruited to manage the dive or drive the boats, any club member can arrange a dive using the Dive Planning Form. All dives and Dive Planning Sheets are to be approved by the Diving Officer in advance of the dive.

Once the Dive Planning is pinned up on the notice board, divers are free to add their name to the list of divers who wish to do the dive. In signing the form, you agree to a number of conditions such as:

  • You are a fully paid-up member of the club
  • You have appropriate third party insurance (automatic as part of your BSAC membership)
  • You have a current medical or have a valid BSAC self-certificate medical form
  • You hold the minimum qualification or have made the Marshal aware of your qualification
  • You agree to pay the full cost of the dive
  • You will comply with the instructions of the Diving Officer or the appointed Dive Marshal
  • You are aware of the risks associated with scuba diving in general and specific risks of the dive

All diving members are required to provide proof of the above on request of the Diving Officer, Dive Manager or any persons they may be diving with. The Diving Officer may delegate responsibility for the safety and running of the dive to a Dive Manager whose decision on matters associated with all aspects of the dive is final.

As a person progresses with their diver training, so too may they dive to deeper depths. This can make things interesting when planning dives as one organisation may allow people with similar qualifications to dive at different depths. For example, a dive to the 20m dive site will be at the limits for an Ocean Diver, but too deep for a PADI or SSI Open Water Diver. A good place on the Internet to see the differences is available on the Scuba Travel site.