The SSAC Normandy expedition to dive the D Day wrecks with Catherine Connors and the Scuba Ninjas was a fantastic experience for everyone. Catherine’s hard work in planning is to be commended and her generosity of spirit made everyone feel so welcome. Meeting and diving with people from many nations and sharing our passion for wreck diving soon developed into lasting memories and friendships. In future we hope to build on these relationships and discover new information which will help with the public record of these historic wrecks.

We also discovered that the interest in the Normandy wrecks extends far beyond the diving community and that we can help play a part in improving the knowledge and understanding of the events of June 1944.

Whilst our respective diving Agencies and Authorities may operate under slightly different processes and procedures we showed that our common passion for diving can bring us all together in our appreciation of our underwater world in a way that we can then share with others. 

The Club thanks all who took part and gave their time and efforts so freely and to the British Sub-Aqua Club for BEGS Grant which assisted in the cost of ferry transport to Normandy.

Group photo

The full report runs to over 50 pages and is nearly 10Mb, so will take some time to download.  If you would like to find out in detail about the conduct and conclusions of the expedition, please download the report here