This month, February 2022, BSAC has launched a new diver qualification grade, Advanced Ocean Diver.

This new course sits neatly between the Ocean Diver and Sports Diver qualifications and takes some of the lectures and practical sessions from the Sports Diver course.

The result is a diver who can potentially dive on more club dives which are a little more adventurous to greater depths than the Ocean Diver, and someone who can make better use of Nitrox and a diving gas.

The course includes 4 lectures, a theory test, an optional refresher dive and three open water lessons, of which one can be combined into one of the other two. Upon completion of these, the diver can progress with two Depth Progression dives to 25m and then 30m.

For dives where the depth is deeper than 20m, the qualified Advanced Ocean Diver should be buddied with someone who is a qualified Sports Dive, equivalent or above.

For those who complete this course, they don’t have to repeat the lessons which match in the Sports Diver course.

For details of this course, please see the BSAC Website