This project recorded and investigated the wrecks assumed to be of WW2 Tugs HMRT Sesame and USS Partridge. Both vessels were lost on 11 June 1944 during Operation NEPTUNE just a few days after D-Day. The project continues Southsea Sub-Aqua Club's research of wrecks associated with the  maritime phase of the Allied invasion of Normandy (Operation NEPTUNE).  Permission to conduct this project was received by the French Ministry of Culture (DRASSM) and the Maritime Prefecture.

Using the skills and knowledge we have developed from our earlier projects we conducted surveys of the wrecks of believed to be the USS PARTRIDGE and British Rescue Tug, HMRT SESAME. The wrecks are located in the Western Task Force area of the Baie de Seine on the approaches to Omaha beach. The outcome of our investigations including historical research is detailed in the report available below.

To our surprise, the wrecks are not the USS PARTRIDGE nor HMRT SESAME but that of a smaller British tug (HMT DUNDAS) and Royal Navy Destroyer HMS ISIS.  We are pleased to have identified the final resting place of HMS ISIS which sank with considerable loss of life. It should be noted that the diving conducted on these wrecks was carried out with respect and consideration for those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the liberation of Europe.


Project Leader: Martin Davies, Southsea Sub-Aqua Club Diving Officer

Click here to download the project report.