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If you would like to speak to our Training Officer about starting this course, please speak with them at the clubhouse of a club night or send them an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Course Structure

The Ocean Diver Course consists of the following elements:Ocean Diver course (2021)

  • e-Learning online lessons covering the following subjects:
    1. Adapting to the underwater world
    2. The body and effects of diving
    3. Going diving
    4. Dive planning
    5. What happens if...?
    6. Enjoying your diving
  • Theory assessments contained in the course.
  • Two revision lessons to reinforce your learning.
  • Five sheltered water lessons (swimming pool), plus an optional additional pool lesson on how to dive in a dry suit. In the pool, you will get the opportunity to learn about how to achieve neutral buoyancy and the key practical skills required to dive. There are also a number of rescue procedures that are taught at this stage. Each student normally takes 5 to 10 pool sessions to successfully learn and demonstrate the skills required to progress to the open water dives.
  • Four open water lessons, normally in the sea or a freshwater lake depending on weather conditions. The open water lessons build on diving and rescue skills developed in the swimming pool.

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Course Costs

BSAC Ocean Diver Pack

The price of the Ocean Diver course is in three elements:

  1. BSAC membership
  2. BSAC e-learning pack
  3. SSAC course -  £450

Items 1 & 2 are payable directly to BSAC.

The SSAC cost includes:

  • Pool sessions – qualified instructor, SCUBA equipment, tanks/air, weights, BCD, fins, snorkel and mask during pool sessions. Entry into the pool. Drysuit training (1 sheltered water session)
  • Open water sessions – qualified instructor, SCUBA equipment, tanks/air, weights, BCD, fins, snorkel and mask. We will endeavour to supply hood/gloves but cannot guarantee your size will be available
  • SSAC joining fee
  • Revision lessons to reinforce e-learning

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What's Not Included?

  • Use of a dry suit or wet suit for open water dives, these are the student's responsibility
  • Cost of transport, entry into diving centres or cost of the boat for open water dives
  • Additional open water sessions will be at extra cost
  • SSAC membership is additional, based on current rates and payable monthly. Click here to view our current membership fees.

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Meeting the Standards for Ocean Diver

All SSAC instructors have met the standard of instruction required by BSAC. They will do their best to teach you the skills required to pass the course. Every student is different and will be treated accordingly. There is no maximum time set for the student to achieve the skills required to pass the course however instructors will not sign off the particular session or skill unless the student has been able to demonstrate competence in the task. Payment for the course is not a guarantee that the student will pass and qualify as an Ocean Diver.

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