Tompot Blenny ©Martin Davies 2008
Tompot Blenny ©Martin Davies 2008

Extract from the report:

NAS Heritage Day 25 July 08
This involves a full day, made up of a visit to the RN Submarine museum at Gosport followed by a dive on HMS A1. It is difficult to arrange suitable dates as the tide is critical and there needs to be sufficient time for a visit to the submarine museum. There are very limited opportunities to arrange the event during the summer months when the visibility is generally at its best on the site.

This event was attended by 10 people and the day counts towards their Part 3 Qualification. In addition a freelance writer for Sports Diver attended the day and subsequently a full feature was published in Sport Diver magazine which promoted diving on the site.

I took the opportunity to examine one of the anomalies recorded in the Wessex Archaeology report and found it to be a large boulder around 10m from the starboard bow. I was also able to video the wreck on this opportunity. As a result of leaving the wreck and doing a sweeping search more items of debris have been observed in the seabed that look as if they were part of the main structure.

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