Skill Development Courses (SDCs) and Workshops

Diver Training Progression ChartWhether you are looking to improve your diving skills or your knowledge of diving, through both the instructors within the club and the BSAC regional coaching scheme, we can offer our members the ability to attend the range of BSAC Diver training and Skill Development Courses (SDCs).

Skill Development Courses allow a diver to progress their training in a direction that may be of special interest to them. Such courses include photography, marine life appreciation, first aid for divers, diver coxswain and much more. SSAC runs many of the courses for its members. Some courses are run as a Southern Region event. At the same time, members are welcome to attend regional events elsewhere in the country.

To be able to attend any BSAC Course, you must be a member of BSAC. This includes all the SDCs. Some courses are open to all members of BSAC, whilst others may only be open to people who are qualified to a specific minimum diver grade or have attended a previous SDC.

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge, please speak with our Training Officer (see below). If there are others interested in the same course, we can look at running one within the club.

Any SDCs which are run within the club are advertised at the Clubhouse on the notice board and on the club’s Facebook group.

The cost to attend an SDC varies but is advertised in advance, along with the course. The costs will cover things such as out of pocket expenses for instructors, something towards the cost of the Clubhouse, student packs and any qualification cards (qcard). A Workshop, for example, may just have the option of a qcard, which will be extra if the student wants one.

List of BSAC Courses

Occasionally one of our members writes a story about one of the courses that we run. The lack of frequency of articles is not a reflection of the number of courses we run. far from it. Please do take a look at the Training News to gain a flavour of what we do.


Training News

Below are some stories showing a small sample of the additional course that we have run at Southsea Sub-Aqua Club.

Gas Blending     First Aid for Divers
Drysuit Workshop    

Other frequently run courses include Compressor Operator, Nitrox Workshop, Buoyancy & Trim Workshop & Oxygen Administration.


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Speciality Courses from other diving agencies

The BSAC recognises speciality or skill development courses that you may have completed elsewhere. If you wish to update them, as in the case of safety and rescue courses, we can offer the BSAC equivalent course.


To download the SDC equivalency chart, Click Here!


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BSAC also host a number of Webinars (online lectures) which members can join live or watch at a later date. Past topics have included various wrecks, archaeology, disability and diving, diving equipment, expeditions run by different clubs, marine life, medical topics for divers, international BSAC clubs and diving in various counties of interest.

Programme of Webinars


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Non-BSAC Courses

Film Making for DiversWith the wealth of additional knowledge, experience and skillset within our club, we can also run additional courses that are not on the BSAC list. In recent years we have run a course to help teach people about making underwater videos.

These courses tend to be run within the club, but can occasionally be opened up to other clubs in the region. Any cost of the course is required to cover any materials and something towards the upkeep of the Clubhouse.


If you would like to speak to our Training Officer about starting this course, please speak to them on a club night or send them an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can read more about these courses on the BSAC Website, where there is also a page where you can book yourself on a regional course.


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