Extract from Martin Davies' report:

Wreck Condition

Conning Tower
Conning Tower

The wreck of the A1 Submarine remains a stable and robust site for visiting divers to see, while she is showing signs of deterioration in many areas, the cracks in the conning tower being the most visible; the submarine is still very much intact. The build up of sediment inside the wreck remains a concern in the forward torpedo loading hatch area along with a large amount of seaweed. The sediment and mobile silt that is carried in the water column and gives the area its poor visibility seems to be deposited in this area.

Marine Life
The wreck remains a haven for marine life with lots of marine life using the wreck as a home, the most common species being Tom Pot Blenny. Other species that are regularly seen are edible crab, lobster, velvet swimming crab, conger eel, a large shoal or bib or poor cod. Sponges and sea squirts are the next most dominant animal to be seen.

The wreck this year has not seen any major threats; no illegal commercial fishing activities have been seen while visits have been conducted and no damage to the wreck has taken place.
The Scour at the bow remains similar to previous years while the seabed around the wreck contains a lot of mobile silt and is very easily disturbed by careless diver fining activity.

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