BSAC Expeditions Officer Andy Hunt and SCUBA Magazine Editor Simon Rogerson visited the Clubhouse on Thursday 6th December 2018. Simon gave an informative talk 'How to Shoot for SCUBA' in which he shared some tips and tricks about how to take create fantastic images in UK waters that would be of interest to SCUBA readers and other divers.

After Simon's presentation, Andy Hunt, BSAC Expeditions Officer presented SSAC Diving Officer Martin Davies and other members of the Project Cardonnet team, with the BSAC Expedition Trophy for 2018.


From left to right: Doug Carter, Alison Mayor, Andy White, Martin Davies & Tom Templeton

Project Cardonnet ticked the "true spirit of adventurous diving" box to win the trophy. It was also “an example of a hugely successful project which challenged the team in terms of planning, logistics, international relations and a complex subject matter."

Project Cardonnet recorded several WW2 D-Day wrecks lost in the early hours of 6 June 1944 and was achieved with special permission of the French Cultural Ministry (DRASSM).  Find out more about Project Cardonnet on our Projects page.


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