On February 9th 2019, Southsea ran a Try dive at Gosport Leisure Centre. With 1 to 1 instruction, the 8 potential divers were given an hour’s experience in the water.

The event is aimed at giving people the experience of diving in a safe controlled environment. The Gosport pool provided just that, they were very helpful in accommodating a large amount of equipment that goes with 8 try divers, 2 club divers, 10 instructors, 2 rescue swimmers and an underwater photography team! Plus supporters who are able to watch from the poolside.

The try divers were each given their own instructor who explained the basic workings of the equipment, before taking them underwater for the first time. Whilst it is not meant to be a lesson, the try divers got to experience the buoyancy effect of just the simple act of breathing. Hoops were weighted down to challenge the budding divers to manoeuvre through and to add something different; they got to play with an underwater Frisbee.

The try divers all managed to have a good session in the pool and were presented with their certificates by Try Dive organiser Iain Jones. Many are already talking about doing further training; we wish them success and will happily give advice and support to them.

Congratulations to: Hannah, Martyn, Bjorn, Steve, Richard, Kath, Clive, Carrie.

Equipment is provided by Southsea Sub Aqua Club. Gift vouchers are available.

For more information, including current prices, please see our page on Try Dives.

Southsea Sub Aqua Club, BSAC club No 9, “the club that found the Mary Rose”, is based at Fort Widley overlooking Portsmouth, meeting twice a week from 19:30 to 23:00 on a Monday and Thursday.